Hello Balls

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Dont grab my ass that's not for you,
Hello balls, meet my shoe,
I would say that I'm horrified,
But girls have always let it slide,
You're just dancing at a gig,
Then you start to smell a pig,
Hands grabbing at your ironed skirt,
Covering you like festival dirt,
If being a twat is your main vocation,
Have a raise and a 3 week vacation,
I don’t wear shorts for you to peak,
My tits aren't playing hide and seek,
I’m trying to listen to the band,
And all I can feel is your little hand,
I have a fist that’s got your name,
It says ‘arrogant prick’, cos you're all the same,
You think your fit, drenched in sweat,
But I'm prepared to make a bet;
If girls at gigs came and grabbed your dick,
You would be wishing for the old ‘ball kick’

Created: May 01, 2017


Nel Document Media