Puddle Jumper

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In the morning, my Mom will say:

Get dressed, it's the first day of May!

Its time to go! Finish your oats!

Brush your teeth and get on your coats!

Do not forget your shoes as well!

Once my coat was on, I could tell,

Something fun would happen today!

I sat down and knew right away,

My Dad opened the closet door,

My yellow boots! What I adore!

Time to put them on and go see,

What puddles were waiting for me!

I get outside and run around,

Puddles are all over the ground!

Some puddles are big, some are small!

A lot to see, I want them all!

Jumping all around, it's so fun!

Puddle Jumping is number one!

Splash, splash splash, it's the first of May!

I want to Puddle Jump all day!

Created: May 01, 2017

Tags: puddles, puddle jumper

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