A Writer's Frustration. (A Dialogue Tale!)

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“Name and Occupation?”

“Susan Gramm. Writer."

"Here in your resumé it says teacher..."

"Well… yes! Technically, I am a teacher, I mean, I have a degree on that. But actually I am a writer.”

“Oh, right! I see…So...”

“Yes, I am a self taught writer, and like all writers, at the moment I’m going through what it’s most common known as: a writer’s block.”


“Please, don’t be alarmed. It’s not like A regular writers block! I just have so many ideas, that I can't just concentrate on one. And then, when I sit down nothing comes out. Almost like a bottle neck of ideas. Writers bottle neck.”

“Oh dear. That must be suffocating for you! How long has that been going on?”

“Almost 27 years.”

“...um... It says here that you’re only 27 years old.”

“That's correct and affirmative, sir.''

“Sooo, it’s just a degree?”

Created: Apr 30, 2017


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