And then the murders began.

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Pete was a 42 year old banker and found it was becoming unusual for him to get any sleep at all.

it was now 3am, and he was still struggling to relax.

 five hours had gone by, and  he was more and more tired. 

However; being unable to stop his mind from racing long  enough to knod off, he would sit very still in his very dark and quiet bedroom, sometimes until the dawn came.

 unless he'd gasp for air and fidget with his hands and feet.

a loud nasel huff and Pete came to again,  from a state that would be just like sleep if it didn't leave him feeling so tired every morning.  And it wasn't like sleep because; in reality, Pete was just sitting at the edge of his bed in his underwear looking at the floor with his hands together between his knees.

"hey pete" 

Pete was too afraid to look up from the floor but felt that gutteral instinct which left him no choice,  the only exception being he also was arrested by a completely alien inability to move.

"pete, i gotta tell ya something" a cautious whisper said

Pete realized that despite his eyes being frozen on the floor past his knees he was able to see the full door ahead of him, which was slightly ajar.

Pete realized that,  despite the  complete darkness of the hallway,  behind the crack of that door stood a seven foot tall green Tyrannosaurus Rex.

"it's important pete"

all pete had to do was think, "no, go away"  and it was as good as said.

pete could see the shiny polyester fur, plush teeth, glassy eyes and the looped tag complete with care instructions he never once thought to read. it occurred to him that he doesn't even remember how long ago it was that  he had the green  dinosaur. 

"i could be in alot of trouble pete, i thought  i'd better lay low for a while. thought maybe  i could bunk here.."

Petes eyes slid open, he was on his side, in bed. 

the hum of the cheap alarm clocks servo is nauseatingly loud.

He sees the door, very slightly open and a seven foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex standing out in the hall.

Pete huffs  for air again and his eyes slide closed.

"i killed a man, pete"

pete was still in that alien place but he felt horrified  somewhere within  and sullen disappointment elsewhere.

"but it wasn't murder, pete.  i swear.  the guy was a pedo, what i did, it was a public service"

the weight of what his dinosaur  just said to him came down on him hard.

he felt nauseous, dizzy.  he felt anxious pin-pricks and sweat and tears fueled by reallife varieties of terror.

pete could see the whole room now including himself, in bed on his side, eyes glaring.

he wished he could close his eye in his dream, and he did. 

"this is bullshit"  he thinks, and he lets it go. 

he felt himself sink into bliss.

"you rest up, pete. i'll be outta your hair real soon."

Created: Apr 30, 2017

Tags: horror, ficion, writiing

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