God Reacts (Artificial Womb)

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GOD (V.O.): Oh mankind, always trying to outdo me. First you thought you needed to fly. Did I give you wings? No! But you went ahead and invented airplanes, anyway. And then you call it an act of god when one of them crashes.

If I’d wanted you to find cures for all known diseases, why would I have given you the diseases in the first place? Did you ever stop to think about that? Do you think that you’re wiser than me is that it? Do you think that you have a better grasp of the bigger picture than I do? Do you not realise that by curing one disease, another will simply have to take its place because that is the way of the world as I have decreed it to be? People must die so that others can be born.

I tell you right now, I have nothing to do with it. It’s your mess. You wanted the puppy, you take it out to pee. And now you think you can breed humans better than I can? I invented that shit! And, by the way, you’re plagiarizing my idea, which is copyrighted. There will be lawsuits.

But my advice to you is to drop this idea right now. Once you start breeding humans in a bag, outside the womb, you take the humanity out of the process. Next thing you know, we will have ‘made to order’ babies with certain specifications and any kind of imperfection, anything that makes you unique as individuals, will be a thing of the past. And God help those who can’t afford flawless babies and flawless children! If history is anything to go by, they will be persecuted and made to feel like second class citizens!

With the whole free will thing and all, you can do as you like at the end of the day. But let this be a warning to you! Be careful what you wish for.

Created: Apr 29, 2017


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