Robb Hayes is Happy

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One of my biggest JOYS in life is capturing the energy of others - Capturing Time Photography (my home based company), specializes in lifetime portrait photography and I tend to hone in on musicians.  I adore their energy and I enjoy listening to their music and engaging them in deep talk over coffee before our session.  Robb Hayes walked into a group of five strong women and held his own.  His music reminds me of fresh 90's Will Smith had a love child with early Outkast - funky, vibes to jam to.  When the loud train buzzed by and bikers scattered, he ran to the chaos and celebrated.  I felt like I was in a Kevin Bacon movie and I joined in, camera in hand. <3 



Minneapolis rocks. NE Nicolette Island Area 

Created: Apr 29, 2017

Tags: train, rapper, man, city, joy, horizontal, poster, urban, portrait, color

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