It Still Hurts

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It still hurts.

It’s always going to hurt in some way.

A song will play, a joke will be said, and a story will be shared.

My heart will twinge, my eyes will tear up, and the lump in my throat will be too hard to swallow.

I miss you both every day.

I wonder if you are watching.

I wonder if you are proud.

I miss your advice, your laugh, you voice most of all.

When March and May come around, I try to be the best I can.

But when I’m told “I know it’s hard but you have to stop being angry”

It hurts a little more

That you’re not around.

Because you would understand that sadness and the anger.

And you would tell me it’s ok.

Because everyone deals with loss in their own way.

Created: Apr 29, 2017

Tags: free verse, loss challenge

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