A Writer's Frustration. (A Dialogue Tale!)

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INT:  UN-EMPLOYMENT OFFICE, DAY, SUSAN sits down opposite the obviously bored  INTERVIEWER and fidgets nervously.


SUSAN: Susan Gramm


SUSAN: Writer..

INTERVIEWER: (raising eyebrow) Writer?

SUSAN: Well, technically, I'm a teacher. But I'm going to be a writer.”

INTERVIEWER: (sarcastic) Really..

SUSAN: I just kind of have writers block at the moment.

INTERVIEWER: Well we have several vacancies for tea..

SUSAN: (interrupting) Its not regular writers block, I have so many ideas, that I can't concentrate on just one.

INTERVIEWER: (bored sarcasm) Fascinating (beat) Now these va..... 

SUSAN: I've had the block for 27 years

INTERVIEWER: (incredulous) But you’re only 27 years old!

SUSAN: (defensively) Well yes but...

INTERVIEWER: (interrupts impatiently) Right! Teacher it is then.

Created: Apr 29, 2017

Tags: remix, theme, dialogue, script, comedy shorts, writers block

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