Remarkable Dolls

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Remarkable dolls 

Men ruin, 

Kind eyes, 

The long and lustful type

A woman's gentle face does fall 

To the sound of a dead end snipe.

A magician's house of cards

And someone's throwing stones. 

A thief, a warlock pigeons hat, 

Dirty eyes stealing bones,

No longer a lady nor a little girl

You've drowned what is willed to spoil

Under some man's hat 

A woman's body

A dead and rotted coil.

Stoned or hanged, 

Dead or alive

Lonely, fat, or rank.

You've become 

What you were told to be

You are filth, you see

A town of whisper stank. 

Appea dies when a pawn 

Jumps the queen 

Making her horrid, red and mean

And somehow, 

Because of it all 

A woman stays. 

Creating wondrous shows, 

Tears of laughter, 

A tune eerily plays

Like a broken record

It drives you mad

And somehow, in spit of it all 

A woman stays. 


Created: Apr 29, 2017


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