God Reacts (Artificial Womb - Remix)

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Since this new technology can make us feel like we’re playing god what about we hear what god has to say.

Maybe we can just have a big cloud in the sky become illuminated and move around a bit to illustrate that god is talking. As god talks, we see images of what is being described.

GOD (V.O.): Oh mankind, always trying to outdo me. First you went ahead and started fertilizing eggs in test tubes. Like creating life is a freaking eight grade science project! And don’t even get me started with that “choose your own baby’s eye color” trend. And now you think you can actually breed a baby without a woman? Good luck raising those Frankensteins. I hear they’re not very picky eaters… Now, if you keep acting like you’re god – and, trust me, if god thinks you’re acting like god, it’s 'cause you are - I’m gonna quit and make you do all the babies! And there’s like four new babies every second.

Created: Apr 29, 2017

Tags: remix, god reacts, artificial wombs, week 14, the hot button

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