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Ferrara is a small town located in the north-east of Italy (between Bologna and Venice). I've always been fascinated by our dialect, this magical language that ties us to distant ancestors. Somehow what you say in Ferrarese is more powerful than what you say in Italian.

Here are some insults

* soft

** strong

*** extremely strong - do not use

Aldamar (dunghill) = piece of shit  ***

Vera (sow) = bitch ***

Scaja = whore ***

Ciord = imbecile *

Ciocapiatt (dish breaker) = pain in the neck *

Scunzamnestra (able to remove the seasoning from your soup) = party pooper *

Indéas (insipid) = useless **

Va' càga (go shit yourself) = go shit yourself **

Catjena 'n cancar (I hope you get cancer) = I hope you die ****

Fiol d'na vera (son of a sow) = son of a bitch ***

Ferrarese is one of the Gallo-Italic languages, sharing similarities with French and Occitan.

Created: Apr 29, 2017

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