Heat Lyrics Ideas (w ref track)

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left, right, and the sun is blazing bright

beating down on my shoulders

playing with my eyesight

my throat is dry, my lips are parched

I just don't feel right

and this pounding in my head

feels about ready to ignite

now, pardon me 'cause I don't want

to come off sounding impolite

but it's gotta be 451 degrees, Fahrenheit

coyotes howling in the distance

and they give me such a fright

as the sun is finally setting

running out of daylight

yeah, my feet are sore and blistered

and my lungs feel tight

still, i gotta move forward

pushing on with all my might

and you may never believe me

but i'd walk all night

'cause you know that I still love you

not because, but in spite

and I wish I could go back

and redo everything right

but that's not the way it works

that's why they call it hindsight

we all want to live forever

but this life is finite

yet I still can't help but thinking

maybe one day I'll get it right

maybe one day I'll get it right

but not tonight

Created: Apr 29, 2017


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