A Writer's Frustration. (A Dialogue Tale!)

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FADE IN: Office

Susan sits in a chair opposite a relaxed interviewer scribbling notes onto a piece of paper. 

Interviewer: “Name and Occupation?”

CAMERA will pan to a slow zoom in of Susan from across the desk, while she begins a short but intense monologue at the Interviewer.

Susan: “Susan Gramm. Writer. Well, actually, technically, I'm a teacher. But I want to be a writer. Will be a writer. I just kind of have writers block at the moment. But its not like regular writers block! Its like I have so many ideas, that I can't just concentrate on one. And whenever I sit down nothing comes out. Almost like a bottle neck of ideas. Writers bottle neck. That's a thing, right? It sounds like a thing, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, it's been a thing for a while. 27 years now" *dismissive, helpless laugh*

CAMERA cuts to interviewer staring bluntly and in mute open mouthed shock at Susan. 

Interviewer: "This...says your 27."

CAMERA cuts to Susan nodding emphatically across the desk. Cuts back to interviewer scribbling again.

Interviewer: “Sooo, teacher then?”

Created: Apr 29, 2017

Tags: frustration, writing, new draft, re-write

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