We Need a New Name! ("Hot Button" Q&A)

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Answered the 5 questions for this week's "Hot Button" episode:

1. The artificial womb, called a “Biobag”, is being developed to one day give premature babies a more uterus-like environment to develop in, rather than an incubator. It has currently only been tested on sheep. How does the idea of an artificial womb make you feel? What if it was used on human infants?

2. Currently, premature birth is one of the leading causes of infant mortality. Do you or your loved ones have experience with this? If the Biobag was available at the time, would you have considered it?

3. Is the creation of an artificial womb too close to playing God? Where do we draw the line on technology altering the natural course of life?

4. In the far future, this technology could potentially be used to grow humans entirely within an artificial womb. Would you like this? Why or why not? In what ways would the world and society be different if this was the norm? Be specific (women’s health, motherhood, gender roles, etc)!

5. The scientists have acknowledged that not all facilities will have the resources to offer the Biobag as an option. How do you think this technology could create a greater disparity in society?

Created: Apr 29, 2017

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