Chain of Quirks

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I rapidly press the button on drinking fountains because at the right angle the falling water looks like animals.

water turns into something, maybe another one with water


Sometimes my feet are hot and cold at the same time so I wear my socks half way on my feet so the heel is bare and my toes are covered.

show this distinctly, then cut to same frame, but take socks off, put one inside out


Socks. For as long as I can remember my right sock has always been inside out.


Sometimes, when I blink, I feel like my eyelids aren't in the right place, so I have to close them really tight to readjust them.

this could work really well with the mascara one, probably better than the fries


- When driving, I check my rearview mirror much more often than recommended.

- I never drink the last sip of beer.

putting down a glass with still a little bit left

- Restless Leg Syndrome (to go with knee one)


i twist my ring around my thumb when im thinking hard

to go with johnnyclyde one where he does the thing with his fingers


I always set Alarms, Microwaves, or any other electric timers to times not ending with :00 or :05.


Created: Apr 29, 2017


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