Preemie Life (short animation concept)

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A premature baby is inside a Biobag.   

He's breathing.  He's actually pretty cozy.  He can't see her, but he can sense his mother nearby.  

Outside the Biobag, his mother his humming a tune. She's so worried about her baby.  

In the room, one room over, is another mother humming a tune to her baby inside the incubator.  He, too is alive and breathing. 

Both babies are are so tiny and are each trying to survive.    


Both mothers, one after the other, are rolled out of the hospital in wheelchairs, holding onto their babies who are both doing well.  They look bigger now, too.  


This can show how either option can work and save a newborn baby's life.  Because even though a Biobag sounds like a strange concept, it may also be the last resort that makes a difference to parents who face this life or death crisis with their premature babies.  

We can either have a Narrator describe what's happening in the scenes OR we can hear the voices of the mothers describe what they're going through OR we can hear the thoughts of the premature babies.  Dialogue should be brief either way.                   

Created: Apr 28, 2017

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