The Big Nap (Kate's Story)

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So I attempted a draft with the child as the main character, and tried to give it a plot and an ending.  It's missing some of its sting but here's what I have:


Saxophone music is playing.

KATE and HENRY are standing in the hallway next to a row of cubbies and coats on hooks.

KATE is in kindergarten. She has blonde hair tied back. She is wearing a trilby hat, a short-sleeved shirt, and shorts held up with suspenders (braces). She is holding a red feather.

HENRY is a little taller and a little rounder. He has a buzz cut. He is wearing a shirt, buttoned incorrectly, and shorts. He is holding a juice box with a straw that he periodically sips from (like a cigarette).

All of KATE’s lines are spoken as a voice over.

KATE: After a morning of cold leads and dead ends, I’d finally found my first clue. A single red feather. I was on the trail of the missing school mascot, a falcon by the name of fluffy faith.

Shot of empty glass cabinet with a perch and a sign reading ‘Fluffy Faith’.

KATE: Mrs. Benitez had assigned Henry as my partner this week. He wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the tray but, as this was his second year in kindergarten, he knew these hallways like the back of his sticky hands.

HENRY takes a sip of his juice box with a slurp

KATE: Just then my concentration was broken by a scream. It was a scream from my past and it was getting closer by the second.

TABATHA runs around the corner, nose running, laces flailing.

KATE: Tabatha was in my Pre-K class last year and she had earned herself something of a reputation. She was trouble, with a capital T, even though she didn't always use one when writing her name. Tabatha was always on the run from something or someone, and this morning it happened to be a 4th grade hall monitor by the name of Jackie G. Jackie had only got his badge last week so he was green as hell, and Tabatha knew it.

TABATHA runs past KATE and HENRY. JACKIE G stops next to them, out of breath, and turns to them.

KATE: This was all I needed.

KATE hands a piece of paper to JACKIE G with ‘HALL PASS’ scrawled on it in crayon. As JACKIE G looks at the paper KATE and HENRY slip away walk away down the hall.

KATE: Sure, Jackie might realize that it was phony pass, but we weren’t sticking around to find out. I’d found the feather in Olivia Green’s cubby. Olivia: a small-time line cutter with a weakness for unicorn figures. Sure she was no angel, even done her fair share in time out, but grand theft wasn’t her style. Just then I heard voices coming from the girl’s bathrooms.

KATE and HENRY hide behind the water fountains, OLIVIA walks out playing with a small toy unicorn.

KATE: It was Olivia! And by the looks of things, she’d just been paid.

JESSICA walks out of the bathroom stuffing the falcon into her backpack,

KATE: So, Jessica was the real brains behind the operation. Jessica, the recess queen without a mark on her record. It was time for a revolution.

KATE and HENRY step out in front of her. HENRY takes a sip.

KATE: Jessica knew I’d seen everything but kept up her poker face, even though I knew she was more of Go Fish kinda gal. Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder.

JACKIE G has his hand on KATE’s shoulder and is waving the forged hall pass.

JESSICA smiles and starts walking away.

KATE: I couldn’t believe it, I’d come so close only to get pulled in on a phony hall pass rap.

HENRY (spoken): Forget it Kate, it’s Kindergarten.

HENRY takes a last gurgling sip as we zoom out and away.

Created: Apr 28, 2017

Tags: noir, kindergarten

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