Bizarre Birds

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Hi hitRECorders! After my experience with the seagulls the other day ( I got to thinking- what are some other great alliterative "Bizarre Birds"?

I'd love to hear any you could come up with, or see any of these illustrated/ animated, written about, etc.

Here's the ones I've come up with so far. :)

Weird Wrens

Puzzling Penguins

Odd Ostriches

Silly Swallows

Enigmatic Eagles

Strange Seagulls (like the charming fellow in the icon- I've dubbed him Sir Grumpy-feathers)

Queer Quails

Ridiculous Robins

Loony Loons

Phony Phenomenal Phoenixes

...Huh. Herons.

Created: Jan 23, 2011


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