Beginning of a Choose Your Own Adventure

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It's been two weeks since you found the random keyhole in the soon-to-be living room wall of your new starter home. Initially, it didn't bother you. It was obviously a little bit of kitsch added by the previous homeowner, no doubt an eccentric, artistic type who put keyholes as decorations in walls and used toilet bowls as flower planters.

But then you found the key taped inside of one of the kitchen drawers. Immediately, you suspected that it was connected to the key hole some how. It didn't even remotely resemble the key to the front door, the same type of key that opened every front door, with strange angles and ridges and holes at the top to connect it to your key chain. No, this key was positively Victorian, with teeth. Made of brass.

Just like the key hole.

Now, you stand in the empty living room, staring at the elaborately decorative brass plate of the key hole in the middle of the wall, holding the key. What even is this? There isn't anything on the other side of the wall but the kitchen, and the wall doesn't seem thick enough to hold a safe. A light switch? A joke?

If you decide to try to use the key, click here.

If you decide to throw the key away, click here.

So, MaisyK had this great idea to do a "Choose Your Own Adventure" project, and also wrote the original version of this story opener. I rewrote it to be true to the old Choose Your Own Adventure books' tendency to be written in second person, and also to give the reader a choice to move to the next "branch" of the story.

Good luck, MaisyK, with this fun project idea. I hope lots of people jump in and get involved!

Created: Apr 28, 2017


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