Whose to say synthetic happiness isn't real after all.

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My biggest regret in life was letting all the wrong people in and pushing all the right people away. I guess it's left me with serious issues that are deeply ingrained in me, but I suppose in a sense its also prepared me to actually recognize the difference between the two. Sometimes our regrets are small gifts. Painful as they seem at time of lament there is a synthetic happiness that descends afterwards. Just because you missed the ship doesn't mean there won't be another, better ship coming for you. For me now, like a mantra, I believe that no matter what has occurred or who has hurt me that there are still good people in the world. That I, as flawed as I've been, do deserve good people in my life and that in order to keep them I must in turn strive to be the kind of person they deserve.  It also means letting bad things and people go.  Even if it hurts, let them go, someone or something more deserving will come. Whose to say synthetic happiness isn't real after all, sometimes its more satisfying then the thing you regret losing. The point is, you'll never know, but in the in end you'll be glad you never found out.  That is if you allow yourself to bask in a new found happiness.

Created: Apr 27, 2017


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