Are we there yet?

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Being surrounded by people who speak the same language yet can't understand a word of caution. Watching people walk on the backs of poor desperate souls and celebrate showers of death and destruction.

I was wandering aimlessly looking for shelter with a little angel by my side, hiding from rapists and swine, she looked at me with fearful eyes asking where will we find our next meal but she knew better than to open her mouth to ask. 

Instead she said "Mommy, where have all the heroes gone? I thought they would save us."

And all I could say was "they just lost their way sweetheart."

"Can I be a hero someday?" She asked

And I said "I'm sure if anyone can it will be you. But you'll have to figure it out on your own. I'm afraid there are none left to show you how."

The I woke up, made coffee, and got her dressed for school. Once she got on the bus it took me all day to shake the thought of how close to it we are and how it's probably the reality of someone on the other side of the world.

Created: Apr 27, 2017


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