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Loving all of the versions coming in for this story! I hope to have time to write a version as well, but I wanted to share some of my personal notes. Perhaps it will give some people more ideas of their own.(Note: I'm not running this project...Metaphorest is! This is just my personal take on it.) Also, everyone had amazing records and I'm just pulling certain details that jumped out at me. Read all of them!

Note: I’ll refer to the weird/cute creature as SOREN

Since this is intended to have a “twist” of the climb ending in a SLIDE…I believe the beginning could seem as if SOREN was about to embark on a JOURNEY or QUEST.

SOREN looks up at the HILL intimidated but determined.

Perhaps it looks like a MOUNTAIN close up, but at the end, when it is zoomed out, we realize it was just a small HILL? This would require quite a small creature ☺

SOREN could be an unlikely creature to want to SLIDE. Older? In fancy suit? My own album of creatures is here.

SOREN could carry a sack of some sort for this JOURNEY. Perhaps with a SNACK to stop for a bit. Also could be used to slide down in (humberfloob suggests a tortoise shell) or to carry a friend, important item, etc.

SOREN could be carrying an IMPORTANT ITEM. (Inspired by DancingJester) The ITEM’s importance is shown on the JOURNEY. If it falls, it needs to be recovered. It is taken out and admired. Carrying it could add additional difficulty or peril. After finishing the slide and before going back up the HILL, SOREN could go search for another ITEM and then we would see others doing the same...

Inspiring imagery from previous records:


At the top of the mountain:


Love this whole section from DancingJester:

Wee takes out bread crumbs off his pouch and eats while looking at his flower

Wee is on the edge of a cliff, his back against the rocks to avoid falling. He wind rises and his flower is carried by the wind. The flower floats while falling slowly. Wee looks horrified. He takes his momentum and jumps. Wee catches the flower in the air with his teeth and then catches a root with his legs while falling. He sighs, thinking he's safe; just before the root let’s go.

Wee takes the flower and brings it with him. He pushes a rock and he searches underneath. Wee reveals a basket full of flowers, the same as the one he brought up on top. He smiles and puts it in the basket among the others. He brings the basket full of flowers to the side of the cliff.

Created: Apr 27, 2017

Tags: cute creature climbs, short

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