Pelican, Toucan, Brunch,

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(The Pelican and the Toucan, finally decided to put their differences aside, and enjoy a nice brunch together, until things got a little-bit-weird, check it out)


Pelican: Ok! I am ready to feast! I am so hungry today!


Toucan: Tou-can say that again! I am absolutely famished.


 Pelican: Well I'm glad we finally decided to do this.


 Toucan: Me too buddy! Now lets eat! I hope you like this spread I've got laid out.


Pelican: Mm, I'm sure I will!


Toucan: Well we've got some fresh Toucantelope, some delicious Pelicandied Yams, a little bit of Toucanned soup, and for dessert, my favorite, Cotton Pelicandy! Well, lets dig in!


(The Pelican just stood there)


Pelican: I can't eat this.


Toucan: What?! Why. It's all so good! Come on, eat up.


Pelican: No. I mean, I can't eat it because I'm..... a Pelicannibal!


(The Toucan immediately and silently, with a mouthful of Toucanned soup, turned around. Spread open his wings, and flew away.)


Pelican: Really? Well Tou-can play at that game!


(The Pelican flew off in the other direction)


Created: Jan 23, 2011


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