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In this city, everyone is the same;

he girls are all dressed the same, the boys all look and act the same.

If you were to find someone different, it's like finding a flower growing from the cracks in between a concrete sidewalk.

It's not the place where I was born, but it's the place where I grew up, the only place I have ever known.

This place has nothing special. There are no tourist attractions, regardless of what commercials the town might make about the "art, night-life, food or people" trying to lure people to this town that doesn't live up to the word "excitement".

There is no night-life except for clubs that have almost always ended the night with a shooting or stabbing in the parking lots. All the restaurants, people, art, it's all the same. This boring place with similar people. I have to call it home. There's no other place I can personally call home that would actually live up to the name.

Until then, it's nothing but El Paso, day-in and day-out. This is "home".  

Created: Apr 26, 2017


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