Never too late :)

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I regret insisting to never have regrets.

The pressure of this idea made me pile up until it turned into this ugly disguising obnoxious alarming feeling of anxiety.

I didn't know back then that this feeling has a name, now that I do, i regret ignoring it.

Created: Apr 26, 2017

Tags: text, tldr: bread and cheese are the most important foods in the world eat them more, that's ok tho cuz 25 is trying to make it up for me :), needless to say that 24 for me was the worst and most eye opening year of my life, when i moved to russia after 5 years of war i put names on all the feelings i have which i thought they were nameless, lmao boy was i wrong, but to me crying was a declaration from myself that i have given up to the war, i had no idea it's that unhealthy to do that!!!, i turned 23 and it had been nearly 5 years since last time i cried, i didn't know that crying was an emotion that i needed, and since am a realistic person to be honest i was too busy with what's going on to cry, and insisted on never letting it get to me, when the war started i took it very personally, not for everybody just for me, since then i considered crying a sign of weakness, something i needed to hold myself together while arguing with my dad it was very simple, i had this weird thing going on and it is to rarely ever cry, when i was 18 before the war started, story time regarding this text record:

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