Taking the wrong way home

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Very recently, I was coming home from a doctor's appointment and decided to take a new route. Instead of turning right, I went straight. That's when I saw a man I knew, who has mental disabilities, walking along the side of the road. My mother has given him rides home before, and when he saw me, he waved me over. He told me to drive him to a nearby church, and I was so scared, especially since he seemed very off. I should have and could have said no, but I was 1.) afraid of what he would do if I said no, and 2.) afraid that people would think I was a bad person for letting him walk. He got in my car (the first person I'd driven since getting my license two weeks earlier) and looked and smelled like he hadn't taken any steps toward person hygiene in weeks. He then started talking about people being killed, and how his dad has hitmen out to kill him. Then, he told me he wasn't going to church, I needed to take him three townships over to a police station. I said no, and he looked at me and said yes. So I drove. He continued telling me about so many things that just aren't true. He talked about how the churches near my house draw faces on the Eucharist, and how the priests there are going to go to Hell for committing such a sin. He thinks everyone else is going to Hell but him, and told me so many stories. I always knew he had a horrible background, but the things he said made me sick. He said his soul had been sold to the devil by a satanic priest at 3 years old, he said his dad cracked his brain open with a belt when he was 11 (leaving him disabled), he said his dad still beat him and choked him (he is at least 50 years old), he said his dad steals his disability checks, he said his mom died from stress and being beaten. I was taking him to a police station because he was going to be arrested if he and his dad didn't pay the IRS that day, and it had to be a station in a different township because the one in ours hates him. He goes and talks about made up things constantly. He also told me his dad was a sorcerer who ruled the entire world, and was part of the Mafia, who would kill anyone who knew about them. The entire 20+ minute ride, I was shaking. I was convinced that I wouldn't ever go home again. I was convinced he was going to rape and/or murder me. The things he said to me and the way he looked at me, I was paralyzed with fear. I finally figured out a plan when he wanted me to drive him through back roads to get to the station. We were near an ice cream place, and I looked at the clock on my car and said: "Oh my, I didn't realize what the time was. I have to be getting home now, I was supposed to be home 10 minutes ago." I pulled over into the parking lot of the ice cream parlor, and told him he needed to get out now. He was mad but got out and asked me continuously for my phone number while he was getting out. I said no and drove down the road a bit, parked the car, and screamed and cried. I called my mom, and the first thing I said was "I'm not hurt, I wasn't in an accident", because I knew when she heard me crying, that would be her go to. I then had to drive home, sobbing and trying to blink away tears so I could pay attention to the directions my phone was giving me. It's been 5 days since, and I have cried every night, and I have to stay up and read or watch tv so that I'm exhausted, that way I can actually fall asleep within two hours of lying down. He lives very close to me, and I'm so scared of what he will do to me. Not many people know the true fear that comes when you think you're about to be killed or raped, and no one should ever feel that. My biggest regret is not turning right, and going home the way I always do.

Created: Apr 26, 2017


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