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Over the years, I being mastering the skill of listening. Listening deeply enough with concentration, perception, alertness and careful observation that enables me to ask the relevant questions. Consequently, my thoughts treat me with the highest form of respect. Allowing me the pleasure to soak and dissect my thoughts in new actions following new thoughts--We're a chain of reaction after reaction, within 5 phases: Event. Feeling. Thought. Action. Effect. And Reunification. And each of this phases cannot exist without its other. I refer to them as "The Interconnectedness Of Listening" how what we do, can influence the way we grow internally as externally, and they all are engaged through meditation. The odd thing is that while this may seem logically obvious it’s hard to frame in language because actions do not always depend upon thought. Sometimes, action is reduces unwanted thoughts and your emotional attachment to the content of you. Leaving us with, ones thoughts can contradict ones actions--Pain, Ego and Fear are the major factors.

Allow Thoughts to be expressed in a healthy, safe and supportive environment, help their growth to reach their full potential. To have thick and long branches,

first you have to grow strong roots. Allow let them grow.

― Efrat Cybulkiewicz

Created: Apr 26, 2017

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