Making My Mark on the World....Through The Medium of Jingles!!

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I have been inspired by the recent slew of Mickey D's commercials:  Space Man Stew and Baby Bow.  Which is why I've decided to try and make my own jingle.  By no means do I think it's going to be an easy feat, but I'm just gonna put myself out there and see what happens.

Maybe someone out here in hitRECord Land can put it to music or even sing it.  I wouldn't mind taking a stab at it myself, but, I'm a modest person and I feel that it would be great to get everyone else involved and not just use my amazing, almost angelic vocals ; )

Here goes nothing, I shall call it: Rufus Star 

Like my scarf?

Rufus Star,

Wish you would take me far.

Control all the paths in the moon light.

Wisk me away on a kite.

Use your manners and compliment me

I never wished so hard for you to be.


In all honesty this is probably shit.  jingles are so awesome, yet so hard to produce.  Whatever, I gave it the ole college try.  I hope someone out here can help this, cuz there's some serious money in jingles, not to mention you will be forever immortalized and could possibly be that song that gets stuck in someone's head.

Created: Jan 23, 2011


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