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Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Patrick. For HitRecord I do writing, poetry, photography, and voice acting. When I gain more confidence in my voice and myself, I may try vocals.

Outside of here, for fun, I write, sing, swim, visit my best friend, and hang out at the coffee shop downtown.

What's the origin of your artist name?

I have no idea why 'figment of your imagination' popped into my head. But I went with a bastardised spelling of it.

What has been your biggest challenge with your art so far?

Getting started. Part of it is ADHD. Part is a lack of confidence. But one of my college professors always said 'Just put your pencil to the paper and DO SOMETHING.' Funnily enough, it's been fun.

I don't think I can assign a superlative to one person.

There are people who are the biggest influence in one area, whilst someone is a big influence in another.

Art-wise, Viggo Mortensen (as a fine artist and vocalist as well as an actor). He takes photographs of whatever catches his interest, he writes how he feels, he sings what he likes, critics be damned. I want that level of confidence. With his influence I've taken some photos of things that I'd normally overlook, just because I liked the appearance. It's freeing.

Life-wise, my HS vice-principal, Mr Rummel. I was bullied terribly, and he took an active role in trying to stop it (or at the very least scale it down). And ultimately, when I left school in my junior year, I stopped by his office to tell him myself. He sat me down for a brief chat and told me that the usual path in life isn't necessarily the right one for everyone. I don't remember the full conversation, but I walked out of his office knowing that he sincerely cared and believed in me.

What is your wildest story?

There was that time at band camp...

My wildness is fairly tame. I worked on and extra'd in a movie with Peter Riegert, so my Bacon number is 2. I used to be friends with a pop-singer. But neither of those are as wild or whatever as they sound. My friend is a very normal person who was periodically like a bratty little brother.

What is the last book you read?

actively reading: a romance novel.

completed: After the Fire by Jane Casey

non-fiction: a french grammar manual.

If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be?

First name that came to mind was Maeve Kerrigan (a series by Jane Casey). She's smart, tough, dedicated, and (though she doesn't see it) beautiful.

What couldn’t you live without?

water (not in the sarcastic meaning--I do like drinking water). Music. In one episode of Glee, Kurt told Blaine to express himself in the best and most honest way he knew, meaning singing. That's when I realised that I wasn't the only person who literally may communicate through song.

What is your secret talent?

Can't tell you, sorry. You don't have Tier 9 clearance

Tell me about the last dream you remember having?

I cant think of one. They rarely stay with me long enough

What are you craving right now?

something sweet.

What was the last song you fell in love with?

Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

What do you like?

this could be a very long list. thunderstorms (mainly the lightning), maths, physics (I don't totally get it, but I like it), geology, social sciences (psychology, sociology), foreign languages.

Writing, singing, books, funny memes and macros, taking pictures of my cats, swimming, sports.

What do you dislike?

willful ignorance, bigotry, people who are happy to remain uneducated (see: willful ignorance)--this is not referring to knowledge, rather courtesy and common sense, hatred, etc.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

There are 3.

Every mountain has multiple paths--no path is easy, and no path is the 'right' path.

Just keep swimming.

Put pencil to paper and start (or, in Nike terms, Just do it).

How and why did you start RECording?

I honestly don't remember. It seemed interesting and was definitely unique. I really didn't start using the site till this month though.

Created: Apr 26, 2017


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