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I live in Poland, Wrocław. This is my place on earth, I live 15 minutes by foot from the place I spend whole my childhood and 5 minutes form hospital I was born in (I can see it from my window actually). I do not plan to leave my city anytime soon. 

Our national bird is white-tailed eagle - it's also emblem, so this was easy, I had to check polish national flower tho - it's pansy! So, big fat bird and small, sweet flower, seems correct. If I where to choose, I would take stork and poppy, both play better with one of our best export berries: black currant (if you like it, you're welcome, if you hate it, try to harvest it, for a summer job, it's fun, I promise).  

Poland brought into the world heliocentrism (via  Nicolaus Copernicus) and only person that ever received two Nobel prizes in two different  sciences - Marie Skłodowska Curie. And soooo any many more, for example we do have double negative here! We say crazy shit like "I'll never drink nothing again" and everybody knows what it means. "Nothing" means "alcohol" and "I'll never" means "you're buying today, cause I'm broke".  So we're into alcohol here. A lot. And into science. Seriously. We have quite low illiteracy rate.

In Kielce there is Miles Davis monument, the only one in the world from what I know. In Wrocław we have sculpture called Passage, google it,  I totally forgot how awesome it is, but it's definitely worth seeing. 

Poland has everything you need to be happy, we have beaches, we have desert (yes we have), we have forests, autumns, springs, mountains, lakes, streetcars named "1" and "2", pierogi, sour cabbage, craft beer, Wi-Fi nad Netflix, we have żubr (like bison, but we haven't kill all of them, not like we didn't try), our language is nice and easy, there are words like Szczecin (city name), iść (to go) or drabina (great one!), that may make you forget, that highways suck and women's rights are respected... sometimes. 

What I would change? I have no idea. Add laughing gas to ventilation system in government buildings and see what may happen. And make gluten healthy again, of course. 

Created: Apr 25, 2017


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