The Whole

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The important thing to remember is that I am the whole in this world of fractions and half stories.

Bombarded by fragments of things sent by other people and nature, I sit and remember I am the whole here.

Backwards and forwards I know my story and the making of myself.

To somebody else I am a fraction and fragment, my words are just a slice.

But I am the whole.

I know what I mean, even if my fractions can’t make a point, or repsond in a way you want to hear.

I am my whole in this world.

You can sit beside me as another whole, but I will only know your fractions and fragments of experiences.

But I am the whole here, and that is everything.

Created: Apr 25, 2017

Tags: essay, story, free verse, theme, prose, written selfie, seflie, description

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