The End

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Everyone tells me, that every story has its own begging and its own end. I’m asking you: «how is that possible?» Is it possible, that a story, every story, has been started, written down or maybe even invented in our head at our whims? Can story tell itself? I’m telling you: «No». Story is faceless, and we are making legends. If you do not exist - there is no story, the end.

No, no the end, end does not exist either. OK, if we assume, that there is still some end? Is there a possibility, that the events of the past and the present will make the story endless and lead to an unthinkable series of events? The truth is that no one knows how it all began and when it will end. The endless intersections of the lines of destiny do not reveal the obvious interconnection of one with another.

The end.

P.S. I’m sorry, if there are some mistakes, I’m not a native english speaker. Thanks!)

Created: Apr 25, 2017


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