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Nothing feels worth than being trapped in your mind.
That feeling of....fighting against yourself.
That feeling of....losing every battle you enter.
A war that's impossible to win.

You look yourself in the mirror and say it'll be alright.
Convincing yourself that you aren't falling apart day by day.
It's a joke that has no punchline.
Is anything funny anymore?

There's a moment when you ask how it will end.
As if to say that there will be an end to the self torture you endure.
Shredding yourself into little tiny pieces because you think it's what you deserve.
Nothing feels more justified.

But that's how it starts.
It awakens something buried dormant and hollow.
It turns your insides into fucking putty and it makes you scream for help.
But no one is coming.
Because no one can hear you.
No one except yourself.

Because you're fucking trapped.

Created: Apr 25, 2017


AnthonyEffect Document Media