Top 5 Best Break Up Films

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In no particular order...

1. (500) Days of Summer - Not only was this movie lighthearted and uplifting, it also has a great soundtrack and tackles difficult subject matter with grace.

2. Say Anything - Anyone can tell you, one of the most iconic scenes in John Cusack history is when he stands out in front of Diane Court's front yard, boombox on his shoulders, playing that beautiful Peter Gabriel song. If you can tell me what can be better than that, then maybe I will listen.

3. High Fidelity - Okay, so I lied. John Cusack has an entire iconic film to himself. He learns to deal with his break up in a way that most viewers can identify with, by creating top fives of everything. I don't know how he didn't make a top five best pasta sauces list.

4. The Social Network - Hear me out. This film is about a guy who creates Facebook as a means of getting out his frustration when a girl dumped him. How is it not a break up movie?

5. Kill Bill - Classic bride left at the altar flick meets the violent Quentin Tarantino. It's the best blood drenched wedding cinema has ever seen.

Created: Apr 25, 2017


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