gyroscope draft 1

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Was hesitant on expanding this until ideas came while at the grocery store ;D

I laid down the beat using: 

 -Tinderlocks' ear-tickling drum work found on his PA 104 contribution (go bump that if you haven't yet!)

-A kick drum & high hat from Loopinloops' instrumental "intimate"

-& Another dope kick via Selwym31's gyro remix 

The middle of the track also contains a vocal idea by Moriah96. This gives a good idea of how the record would unfold with vox in it. 

Any contributions are welcome as always!

110 bpm

Stems ^

Created: Apr 24, 2017

Tags: instrumental, stems, gyroscope, hitrecordrestoresmyfaithinhumanity, hitrestore, tinderlocks, loopinloops, selwym31, moriah96

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