I never knew you (PED 23)

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I never knew you,

but I know the stories.

Tales told at family get togethers

when the rum flows freely.

Memories of a dashingly handsome young man

with the cowlick curl.

Of heroism and hijinks.

I see the look in Mother's eyes

when she talks of

your love of nation

and sense of duty.

Her pain mixed with pride.

I never knew you

but on days like this

it almost feels like I did.


Today is ANZAC day. I've just returned home from a dawn service honouring those who have served in the Australian (and New Zealand) military. It was very moving and inspired me to write this little poem. While this poem is not a true story from my life, from the way people were speaking of their fallen loved ones today I feel it is representative of others. I hope it touches somebody xo

Take care friends and have a blessed day.

- Scorch

Created: Apr 24, 2017

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