Gobble, the goblin

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The forest was green and vivid; you could feel it breathing through the branches and the animals that lived in it. The sun shine in between the leafs of eucalyptus, cork oak trees, oaks, pine trees and some autochthones species. In the midst of the forest, where the valley sinks and the light barely gets through, lays the dark forest.

In its interior lives the scariest creatures a mind can evoke, and though made of shadows it’s ruled by a tiny green person that goes by the name of Gobble, the goblin. His fierce look and savage manners, beside his smell, made him won the designation of king of the darkness. Not the other creatures were afraid of him, it was nothing like that. They just avoided him for his unusual fragrance. Even the sprites that roam the dark forest seemed to get some color when passing by Gobble.

He was a nefarious creature that wanted to exterminate the gnomes that lived and thrived in the bright forest. Not only because they were a delicacy but also because they always seemed happy and that bother him.

Gobble had a plan. If he could take his plan until the end he would reign the entire forest and consequently all its creatures. This image of greatness made him laugh so loud that echoed like thunders in the village next to the forest, considerable miles away.

The goblin was planning to attack the trees where the gnomes live with his blowpipe after covering all the escapes in the trees with the help of the entities of his forest. The dark squad was prepared and taking advantage of the new moon they moved silently to the main tree in the green forest to attack. He believed that with the help of his darkness friends he could rule both forests.

What they didn’t know, is that the gnomes had Brownies to help them. Brownies are night creatures, besides all the housework they could do without being noticed, were they ability to hear afar. And sense dangerous. They were very protective. So, that night, when Brownies heard a twig break in a different tune, they knew that something was about to happen. And it was not good. Sending one another a night sound only they could hear, a huge squad of little men with pointed hats was formed and ready to defend the gnome’s friends, they secretly help in the chores.

Gobble, sprites, shadows, imps, trolls approached the big tree with all the warlike instruments. But they were not ready for the innumerous dotted horizon in front of them. They were small, but they were endless. And though it was a dark night, you could distinguish the both troops in front of the big tree in the green forest in that particular new moon night.

It was dark. The environment was tense and tight. It could be felt the hard breathing of loathe exasperating from the creatures.

The moment of truth was about to come and there was no glimpse of light, to help to illustrate what happened next.

Created: Apr 24, 2017

Tags: fairy tales, gobble, goblin, ogre, imp, gnomes, forest, dark, green, light, brownies, hat, pointed, horizon, story, new moon, moon

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