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It is a formless being, yet it takes many shapes

It is small they say, can be fixed,

But yet, it never fails to suffocate me in its dark realm.

It is medicine, medicine you need!

A therapist will surely please

And yet, I find myself

Still suffocated in this dark realm.

Poking, prodding, at the back of my mind,

A yellow fog just slowing the time

You're Worthless! It says

Just a waste of space!

And actions just help it grow,

At a steady,



Keeping it in, I’m all worn out

Not wanting to die, but not wanting help

I don’t want some pills, or therapy! I yell

I just want someone who I can tell

Then I see her, bright as day,

As she is threatening to take herself away.

No! I say to her and me,

I won’t let it happen! I won’t let you leave!

I try to act happy, I try to act fine

Please don’t tell them! Don’t waste their time!

Because I know in their heart, they don’t really care,

And to be truthful, I don’t think it’s fair

This formless being, who takes many shapes,

Closing in, taking up space

As I find myself crying,

I still don’t feel like dying,

I just now, find myself,

Even deeper still, In this dark realm.

Created: Apr 24, 2017


whalehellothere Document Media