Butterfly Affect: WWC 124

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Dear Diary

It wasn't supposed to happen this way...

This was supposed to be a simple snatch and grab.

Portal in, grab the goods, portal out..

Listen.. it's supposed to be harmless.

Our historians track missing cargos of moolah or caravans that get swept up in the desert sand seas.

Our statisticians figure out the likelihood that this missing loot was ever discovered.

our AI's calculate scenario where we're miscalculated..

Changed in time can only be miniscule or non-existent!

You know six sigma? failure of 3 in a million? We're held to a standard of 2 in Trillion!!

This was golden! Clean! Easy-peasy. In and out..

We have crews of people on this!


We have discovery crews that data gather where and whens on some of this mysterious treasure. they do nothing but observe and confirm

We have a crew that goes in and tags a batch of treasure that is known to be lost with a tracker.

We have a crew that monitors known missing treasure from the moment the idea springs from someone's head until upwards of 3000 years after the fact.

We have to ensure that it something that is never discovered.. even by grave robbers!

then we go in, right after it's lost, and grab it...

We have antigrav suits so we leave no footsteps.. we have a force field that keeps our environment isolated...

it's as if we're not even there..

this would have been smooth...

But tony stubbed his toe!

Stubbed his facking TOE!

And moved a chair a fraction of an inch.. Barely noticeable...

So yah.. I'm sorry 'bout that.

On the one hand I'm glad the Dolphins are our overlords... I mean.. we've been horrible at managing the planet... and they really understand the fisheries industry..

on the other hand, I still can't quite get the hang of the new backflip trip they keep trying to teach me...

Created: Apr 24, 2017

Tags: fiction, comedy, tragedy, time travel, dolphins

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