In the Valley Pass

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I recently encountered a journalist on Twitter that was having a hard time and for whatever reason social media was her release from the tension. There were many people offering kind words, but some of the more profound ones weren't about challenging or reforming the ladies feelings, they were about reminding her they will go. Eventually the moment of crisis will subside and some level of normality will ensue, I thought this was amazing. It showed a level of acceptance that mental illness is exactly that, an illness. As with so many illnesses there isn't a cure, only tools to help a person cope long enough for it to hopefully pass. As we are in the thick of Spring where I live I thought the passing of Winter and the first glimpses of Spring were a fitting metaphor for the leaving of difficult times into better ones and this is what came from it. It has taken me a few days of writing and re-writing, if anyone has suggestions about how to improve it then I would appreciate the feedback.

Created: Apr 24, 2017


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