Overthinking 16/17 Outsider

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Now that 16 is about to end

There are questions I'd like to send

Have I done anything good?

Have I removed any chair and stood?

All these questions

Lead to an answer

Similar to it's implications

The answer is "I don't know"

I don't know what you feel

I don't know what you're trying to seal

I don't know what you think of me

I don't know what you feel for me

I know I've done a lot of mistakes

I know I've neglected blocks even if they're cakes

I know I've tried my best for God's sakes

But I don't know what it takes!

What it takes for the book to be read

What it takes for the waterfall to be shed

What it takes for them to know how I lace

What it takes to finally remove this mask on my face!

Because I don't want to change

Maybe that's why my gold had nothing in exchange

But do I really need to be like you?

For you to fcking like me?!

I am getting old

Yet the true story is yet to be told

And I think,

They just don't see the real me

The smoke is thick

The ashes must've created another image that they can see

I peeled the covers of this book

For you to stop making everywhere like a courtroom

Now, open your eyes and look

Look around and listen for I have left the room

Because now I know the answer

I did stood for something better

After all this time it took me awhile to put the words together

For I have always been an outsider

You can now close the doors and act like before, when you don't even bother....

Created: Apr 24, 2017


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