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Can anyone guess my riddles? :D




To romanticize me is your human need

and on my wings your souls will pierce the veil

yet on your carcass I will gladly feed

and opportunistic scavenger prevail.





In the east and the south where the tall grasses sway

I sleep and I stretch and I run and I prey

the largest and strongest of all felidae


When I open my eyes, it's best that you flee

for my gleaming white teeth are the last thing you'll see

...did he who made the lamb make me?




I'm flickering flittering in the night sky,

lighting your way into humid July

humming and settling on dew-soaked grass

please feel free to frolic by light of my ass.




In the night my prey I win,

I stalk to feed my kits and kin

but in the day, I sleep within


In darkness yet my eyes will shine

in eastern lands I'm quite divine

Are my tails one, or are they nine?



Deep, damp forests hide my light,

and travelers I tease

the honey mushroom will ignite

from feeding on the trees


Though I light your way by dark

you must not follow me

if you hear my laugh or bark

sly kitsune-bi




She's rational where I'm fanatic

it's true, my life has been traumatic

I'm often quite overdramatic


Hysteria and boyish smiles

my partner gets me through my trials--

I'm pretty sure you know my files!




She means you no harm; please try to believe her

a voracious housemate but so misunderstood

By the sun and the moon, by turns she will spin

in the corner, the attic, the forest, the grass

some say she wrote the world and will read it forever


If you dare to dance with the answer to the riddle

then climb through the lines and meet me in the middle


Let's show some respect and admit that she's clever

from the timorous wolf to the red hourglass

and the shy little lurker with the red violin

I'd defend them all if I somehow could,

though it's easy to guess that my favorite's the weaver.



Created: Jan 22, 2011


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