The Yellow Emperor Got It

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While reading this wannabe

science-geek rhyme

ask if it's metaphor

or paradigm?


The wu ji before it

decided to shatter

Big Bang before quantum:

the source of all matter


then self-born tai ji

an electrical balance

the attraction of each

to the other one's valence


the system, the organ

the tissue, the cell

the yin of its yolk

and the yang of its shell


the constance of mass,

fluctuation of weight

the octet bagua,

the atom's rule of eight


endless ebbing and surging

of homeostasis

from jin-ye to bones

all of water's good graces


an hourglass of jing

and the pre-heaven essence

is the same DNA's

inevitable senescence


the unthinkable distance

between the nuclear core

and the electron's first shell

on the farthest-flung shore


urges you into

the truth's cold embrace:

You are not mostly water.

You are mostly just space.


When asked about light,

or the constance of C,

my answer is thus:

MC squared equals qi.



Created: Jan 22, 2011


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