video RECords REquest for Sonnet!!

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Hello! I'm putting a REquest out there for video RECords for a video I'm making of Sonnet 130.

I need raw close up shots about 20 seconds each on the following body parts/actions. Different angles are always good, so if you want to do more than one shot per body part, that'd be awesome. If you only want to do some of the body parts, anything is great! Please be as natural as possible (no make-up, unbrushed hair, etc. Think non-traditional standards of beauty. freckles, dark circles, chapped lips, frizzy hair, crooked teeth --- this is the place. Perfect does not equal beautiful!) :

- eyes

- lips

- cleavage **** I really need this for the line "if snow be white than why her breasts are dun" I would do this myself but it makes no sense because my skin is as pale as anything ....and try not to get any patterned clothing in the shot

- hair (especially dark/black hair)

- cheeks

- I think the best way to get breath is a mouth laughing

- mouth talking

- legs walking (please make the walk as natural and un-graceful as possible. Not intentionally clumsy but...)

Sorry this is for ladies only:) Well, unless you guys have a lady friend you'd like to film for it.

I have a vision in my head and I've tried modifying it using existing REsources and it's just not working. Plus, I think these RECords could become part of the Stock Footage Collab and be really useful REsources in the future! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created: Jan 22, 2011


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