Don't call me 'sweetheart'

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Wrote this in my head today at work, after,'ll see.


You don't recall my name

(It's becoming such a bore)

Even though you and I have met

Five or ten times before


Oh you will call me 'darlin'

And you will call me 'doll'

Attempting to try and hide the fact

You don't know my name at all.


'Excuse me' is a name you use

But it's better than 'Pal' or 'Pet'

Condescension  knows no limits

Your rudeness, I just don't get


Reach back far in your memory

Do you think you're too good to try?

Too much effort for a man like you

To mind anything but a lie.


Your name, I know is Rickie

And friends just call you Rich.

But I'm not your friend, and so in the end

I'll just call you ...

Created: Jan 22, 2011


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