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A piece of poetry meant to be read aloud. Enjoy! :)

I'll try to upload an audio recording of this tomorrow, but this online community seemed particularly great for idea collaborations and I thought I'd see what you would think.



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Make your move,

You said to me.

It’s your turn

Play the game.


I looked at the pieces

Forming my thesis

Wondering which is

The best way to move


No matter which way I go

You always seem to know

How to stop my to with your fro

Which way I’ll move.


And so, moved the rook

But in a second was took,

You always seem to know

Which way I’ll move.


I grin ear to ear

Suppressing the fear

Cause if I don’t know how can you know

Which way I’ll go?


Well maybe my knight

Can put up a fight

And then I just might

Make the right move.


You make a face,

A pawn takes its place

My knight’s a sacrifice,

It’s not the right move.


But there’s no shame,

It’s only a game.

A child’s game board

Making the right move.


And they are just pieces

Moving between us

Across the war board,

It’s only a game.



And then someone moves me

From G2 to F3

Why am I moving?

Who is playing my game?


And that’s when I see

The opponent wasn’t me

I was only a piece

Of your little game.


Created: Jan 22, 2011


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