The Infinite Zero Hero

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IZH dwells in infinite nowness

Hidden behind infinite prowess

He quick trot dots

At a rickochet trounce

Displays multi bounce grooves

With sensational moves

To recreational tunes

To be used and shared with by all

Though he claims he's "Nothing Big"

And "No first prize"

He is valued by the folk hop persuasion

Truistically sonic at a technological advance

Takes a literal approach at an alpha male stance

His cape is made of peacock feathers

Which is gloriously rich until it becomes untethered

Leaving him disheartned and dismayed

Although it was a card

He assumed very well played

Joker of Jokers and King of all Kings

He is the most inifinitely perceived

The most reminiscently received

Hero of all heroes and jack of all trades

The Infinite Zero Hero

Will never fade





Created: Jan 21, 2011


Babbish Document Media