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A new challenge ! I can't write in English so I try a little Remix with French...

But the big challenge was doing an Audio RECord... I think HelloLindsayyyyyy said someting like « You know you're a hitRECorder when you're willing to publicly embarass yourself to make something you think could be used on hitRECord ». And that's exactly how I feel right now... Embarassed ! But I'm a hitRECorder too, an apprentice hitRECorder... Learning every day !

Soooo this is a little Remix, just wanted to try different words.


There is the French words and English translation. It's not a word by word translation more a general meaning.


Noémie j'aime ton idée et donc j'ai voulu essayer avec mes mots (en gardant beaucoup des tiens ^^).


C'était un matin semblable aux autres, mais sans elle.


Un matin de brume nourrit d'espoir.

Et tout ces gens continuant de vivre; moi aussi, mais sans elle.


Un sourire furtif, une ombre, un rire, tout lui ressemblait.


Elle était le monde et celui-ci me murmurait son nom.


Sa quête était la musique de chacun de mes jours.


J'ai longtemps cherché sa silhouette à travers la foule...

Convaincu que c'était elle, chaque fois.

Puis, la réalité venait me surprendre, telle une vieille amie

Et m'arrachait au songe.


Chaque jours de mon existence j'ai tenté de l'oublier.


Alors que la fuite, la douleur, la réalité étaient mes seules compagnes,

Je lâchait prise... Enfin

Abandonnant son souvenir, son sourire, loin, loin derrière moi.




It was a morning like any other, but without her.


It was a hazy morning filled with hope.

And all those people living their lifes, along with me, but without her.


A furtive smile, a shadow, a laugh, everything seems to be her.


She was the world, and it was whispering her name.


My quest for her was the music of each of my days.


For a long time I looked for her figure in the crowd,

Convinced that it was her, every time.

Then, reality came to surprise me, such an old friend

And tore me away from the dream.


Every single day of my existence I tried to forget her.


While escape, pain, reality were my only lovers,

I let her go... Finally

Abandoning her souvenir, her smile, far, far behind me.



Created: Jan 21, 2011


Syoh Audio Media