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The starry sky opens his thousand eyes of shining light,

and the moon rises with her vail of white

the evening mist's and it's many shades

give a light breeze and rustle the maidens robe,

the tresses of her shining hair,

and her retired glances of love,

manifold themselves into myriad dreams

of paradise and companion still,

breath glowing fire into her gentle soul.

The amorous moon tonight, give tears and whispered sighs

and once rosy blushing cheeks, exhale sighs and dry air

Clear visible signs, of a rose heart beating under snowy breast

the maiden asks the unnumbered stars:

O love, why did the lustre fade away?

And in the moment's space, a restless tear,

unbound its ache dropping calmly and light



Created: Jan 20, 2011


IslandProphet Document Media