Poem: One Soul Way

By MattMilli

I stepped outside into a Hell
Left in darkness at the bottom of an endless well.
Hair drippin with regrets and used blood
Hands dirtied up with clean mud.

As I walk with a limp neck and open eyes
The world is hitten me with lies, lies, lies.
Makin the nervous grumble in my stomach get worse with a shake
These eyes are prayin to be dead, but are awake.

Arms hangin low, back at a hunch
Feelin alone, like highschool, when I had my own table at lunch.
No friends to lock on to my dangling hands
While I journey through these soft spoken and demanding lands.

Legs are stiff as my knees buckle
Two girls walk by, look at me, both give a chuckle.
Heart starts to dissipate shooting pain up in my chest
The girls were laughing at ME, just like all the rest.

But I still walk, slow and steady
I'm waitin for the right moment, I'm just not ready.
Been doin the same thing in a redundant day-by-day
Walkin through The Valley of One Soul Way.

Poem: One Soul Way

Created: Jan 22, 2010


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